Riding Some Soul

Tuesdays have been my two-a-days: back-to-back workouts, first with spinning, followed up either a track or hill workout with the crew. Fortunately, this past Tuesday was my last time completing 2/3 of the activities in a traditional triathlon. But even before this past Tuesday’s double doozie (spin, plus 1200 repeats on the track), I scheduled another two-a-day my first full day back from vacation.

IMG_1641-0.JPGReturning to D.C. last Friday evening, I hit the sheets pretty early in prep for Saturday’s long run. On a tapered run, I only had eight miles on the docket. In comparison to the previous week’s 13, those eight miles, a simple out to the Lincoln Memorial and back, felt easy. Add in the comfortable temperatures and some great company and the SLR flew by!

This run is my lowest SLR mileage until October 19th. Each week, the miles continue to creep up, eventually peaking at 20-miles. From now until the end of October, my social life on Friday is tamed and my Saturday mornings limited to the following: running, eating, napping.

With just eight miles Saturday (yes, just), I had plenty of time to refuel, nap and catch up on some reading that I failed to finish during my vacation. Therefore, I also had time to gear up for a free Lululemon-sponsored class at the newly opened D.C. SoulCycle. Continue reading

My Alternate Workout

Back from vacation, resuming a schedule that involves an alarm clock and the necessity to prepare my own meals has been a difficult adjustment. Not only did Monday signal my return to the office after a 10-day hiatus, but it also meant the return to intense marathon training.

Out of taper mode, Monday called for seven miles.

Now seven miles are hard any day before an eight-hour work day, but factor in the end of a vacation and it being a Monday and those miles did not happen. Sometimes you just have to let the alarm go off as late in possible.
Yet Monday wasn’t a total exercise loss. Instead of a pre-work workout, I used my office gym to knock out three miles on the deadmill and a short interval workout on the elliptical. Thanks to a buddy, the looming seven miles will get done during a Thursday early morning running date. Continue reading

I’m on a Diet

IMG_1590It’s called the when-in-New-England-eat-lobster-whenever-possible diet.

And so far I’m loving it.

Unlike my earlier summer diet, three days of nothing but juice, this is a welcome, and much healthier, change. Even better, the lobster diet is low in calories, before you take into account all the butter.

So when up north, the diet must adapt. Although a vegetarian in title, as a New Englander, I kept fish in my diet. A vegetarian for health and nutrition reasons rather than environmental ethics/activism, I still rarely it. Since I don’t buy fish to cook, there are only a few occasions when I actually eat it. When at home in New England for the summer is one of those times.

A picture says a thousand words, so why not bother with more writing when I can show my enthusiasm for lobster crepes and two pounders?  Continue reading

Going the Distance

IMG_1552 Training doesn’t take a vacation.

But it can enjoy the enjoy the scenery and revel in the new surroundings.

So that’s what I did.

With a taper week conveniently scheduled for the same time as my family vacation, I’m able to channel back the miles without guilt.

Yet while there may be fewer miles logged this week, it doesn’t mean that my workouts will take a backseat. On the contrary, with such gorgeous weather these past few days, it made for the perfect conditions to take my miles from the pavement to the trails.

So, naturally, we climbed a mountain. Well, kind of. Continue reading

A Morning’s Accomplishment

IMG_1523 Later this month my office is having a summer party in which all in attendance must submit facts about themselves in advance to the Chief of Staff. The facts should be things no one would know; secret hobbies, ancestral connections, celebrity interactions. The goal of the submissions is to learn about each other and reward the person who can correctly identify the most facts about their colleagues.

I have not yet submitted my facts, mainly because I’ve had trouble coming up with things that no one doesn’t already know about me, or that I would be willing to admit/share about myself with my coworkers.

Unfortunately, I can’t have any of my facts be about running because it is no secret that I have a passion for it. Since I started working in my current office, I have completed three half marathons, and anyone who pays attention to when I’ve taken days off will notice a pattern in how they typically follow a weekend of racing.

After this morning’s run, I guess I could say I have run an additional half marathon, something no one would know since I’m working from home today. Before most people had settled into their desks at work today, I had completed 13.22 miles. Solo. Continue reading