Running: My Metaphor

Sometimes it hurts to get out of bed.

Sometimes it is painful to get out bed.

You open your eyes to the sunlight and/or the sound of screaming alarm. The noise is almost deafening and it does not stop until you conjure enough energy to silence the blare.

Then you remember, and wish you could go back to sleep. But then you realize that you have something to do. Something to keep you moving. And focused. And in action.IMG_1289 Continue reading

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Track

IMG_1450Well, I wouldn’t call it funny, but it definitely made things interesting.

After Tuesday evening’s regularly scheduled track workout was rained out by severe thunderstorms, the group set out this morning at 6 AM. Even with the alarm set for 5:35 AM, there was light peaking through my window, making it only slightly less painful to leave my bed and run down to the track.

Warmed up from the more than half a mile run to the track, a group of about 15 us met to conquer the morning’s workout: 800m repeats with the following cross training exercises as recovery in between sets: squats, push-ups, box jumps and row boats. Continue reading

Running Naked

Okay, so the title is a little misleading. I have never run naked, but ask runners and I bet they will tell you they wish they could run in their birthday suit during D.C’s hottest months.

D.C. in the summer is hot. Not just 95-degrees-and-sunny hot, but 95-degrees-and-oppressive-dew-points-that-make-you-think-you-transported-to-the-surface-of-the-sun hot.

This past summer has been no exception. After being bitten by the running bug, lacing up my sneakers has made me one of “those people” who actually enjoy sweating en route to the monuments or along the Rock Creek Parkway. Continue reading

Running on Not Quite Empty

How is it Monday already? Surely this weekend should have lasted longer than my three-day cleanse!

Alas, guess it is back to work today. Fortunately for me, my three days of juicing did not put a damper on my Saturday and Sunday; on the contrary, it was the busy weekend and there were no unfortunate side effects of the multiple days without real meals. IMG_1473

Like all Saturdays from now and until October 25, it started with a 6:20 AM alarm signaling me to get up, into my running clothes and out the door to Fleet Feet for the 7 AM SLR. This week’s 8-mile route had us running from the store down to the Lincoln Memorial and back. Despite having very limited fuel in me, I decided to run with the big guns yesterday, the sub 8 minute-mile pace group. At least for the beginning. I kept pace with them for about the first two miles, but by the time I had reached Lincoln, my pace had dropped to about 8:20/mi and there the boys were nowhere in sight (clearly, this has been a week of less than the best decisions) . Continue reading

All Juiced Out

Over these past three days a scene from the film Mean Girls kept replaying over and over in my head. It’s the one when Regina George sits at the lunch table and tells her clique of pals that she “really wants to lose three pounds.” Her statement could have easily been the answer to a question I was asked multiple times during this cleanse: “why are you doing it?” Continue reading