I May be Crazy

In, “You May be Right,” Billy Joel sings:

But I made it home alive
So you said that only proves that I’m insane
You may be right
I may be crazy

This verse adequately summarizes my Tuesdays. That I make it home alive after a full day of work, followed by an hour teaching spin at Georgetown and then an hour-long track workout just proves that I’m insane. Anyone who calls me crazy would be right. Continue reading

Forgetting Everything But Not to Breathe

IMG_0547For Christmas one year, I received a pair of DVDs, one for yoga and one for pilates. After convincing my sister to do one of the workouts with me, she practically broke out laughing mid-stretch when the instructor said “Don’t forget to breathe.”

“How can you possibly forget to breathe?” she asked. At the time, I thought the same thing. But then, I wasn’t a practicing yogi.

These days sometimes I just want to lie down. In a room with a bunch of strangers. And listen to their breaths, and my own. Those days call for yoga.

These days have become more frequent.

Continue reading

In a Running State of Mind

Last week I had a fantastic SLR. This week was a very different experience.

Noticeably this week has been rather quiet on the blog front, which signals a packed schedule that had me arriving home too tired, or otherwise, to sit behind a computer for another hour to blog. Though it leads to a day without a post, it reflects my twenty-something life of leaving work to head to a happy hour with friends and recount the experiences and gossip of the past few days.

This week was no exception. Wednesday through Friday all included post-work activities that lingered for hours into the evening. Unlike last Friday when I climbed into bed around 9 PM, I awoke this past Saturday with far fewer hours of sleep clocked. Feeling particularly hungry in the morning, I downed a protein bar at 630 before rushing off to Fleet Feet for a 10-miler.
IMG_1508The week’s SLR was a challenging out and back course from the store, up Mass Ave, then up Wisconsin Ave until just passing the Maryland border. The key term of the course was “up.” During the five miles out, the elevation gradually increased, essentially making the first half of the run an extended hill climb. Despite having run up and down hills earlier in the week, Saturday was tough; add in the high humidity and I was feeling the struggle as early as the second mile. Continue reading

Up, Down, Repeat

On Tuesday I was told to stop smiling. So naturally I couldn’t help but grin bigger.

I was running up and down hills and yet there was a smile on my face. As someone often told to do opposite, to look happy and just smile (something no one should ever tell a woman), that I was being told, albeit jokingly, to stop looking like I was enjoying one of my toughest workouts summarizes how much I do love running.

After leaving work Tuesday afternoon, I jetted off to Georgetown to teach an hour-long spin class at the university’s gym. As the warm-up to the evening’s hill workout, I jumped, climbed and peddled through the class with an enthusiastic bunch, including one woman who called me a “4′ 11″ Mighty Mouse”  that has been attending my classes to be whipped into shape for her beach wedding next month. Post-class, I was off again, this time to Fleet Feet for an hour literally spent running up and down one of the city’s most infamous hills: Calvert. Continue reading

Running: My Metaphor

Sometimes it hurts to get out of bed.

Sometimes it is painful to get out bed.

You open your eyes to the sunlight and/or the sound of screaming alarm. The noise is almost deafening and it does not stop until you conjure enough energy to silence the blare.

Then you remember, and wish you could go back to sleep. But then you realize that you have something to do. Something to keep you moving. And focused. And in action.IMG_1289 Continue reading

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Track

IMG_1450Well, I wouldn’t call it funny, but it definitely made things interesting.

After Tuesday evening’s regularly scheduled track workout was rained out by severe thunderstorms, the group set out this morning at 6 AM. Even with the alarm set for 5:35 AM, there was light peaking through my window, making it only slightly less painful to leave my bed and run down to the track.

Warmed up from the more than half a mile run to the track, a group of about 15 us met to conquer the morning’s workout: 800m repeats with the following cross training exercises as recovery in between sets: squats, push-ups, box jumps and row boats. Continue reading