One night last week I laid in bed wide awake at 1 a.m. I had gone to bed nearly two hours before, yet I was not any more closer to falling asleep than I had been when I turned off the lights and slipped under the covers. But I knew what was keeping me awake.

My insides were yelling at me. My stomach felt empty and hallow. Despite eating dinner just a few hours prior to bed, I knew I wasn’t satisfied when my stomach continued to growl post-meal. Even so, I didn’t want to eat anything more, thinking I was tired enough that I could just fall asleep and wake up the next morning to refuel with breakfast. I was wrong.

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How Runners Do Math

IMG_2375I have always been good at math. Despite what former Harvard President Larry Summers said about girls not being good at math, I outdid the boys and won my high school’s senior math award.

Like Cady Herron in Mean Girls, I’ve always liked math. Not so much because it’s the same in every country, but rather because I love that feeling of accomplishment when you come up with a solution to a difficult problem. You always know there will be answer, it’s just your job to figure out the best way to solve for it. Granted, I have not taken a math class since my freshman year at Georgetown, which was nothing like the challenge of 12th grade calculus, but I still enjoy channeling my nerd self with a good math problem.  Continue reading

Think Spring.

IMG_1293If I learned something from studying a couple of months for the LSAT it was the logic of sufficiency vs. necessity.

For example, it is not necessary that the feel-like temperatures be in the negative degrees for me to cancel my runs outdoors, but it is sufficient.

It is necessary that I do all my training runs, but it is not necessary that I do them all outside. If I run on the treadmill, then I have completed part of my training. Outdoor training isn’t a necessity of a running program, but it does make things a hell of a lot more interesting than running inside on a machine that only provides a good view depending on who is working out nearby.  Continue reading

One Foot Forward

IMG_2042Saturday’s run was difficult.

Mentally, I wasn’t in it and I let that consume me from the beginning.

It is hard to explain, but I never felt into the long run this past weekend. I woke up, did my normal routine and headed out the door, yet I couldn’t shake this feeling.

Despite almost balmy 30-degree temperatures and a new-to-me route on the schedule, my typical enthusiasm lacked. With each passing mile, I felt myself counting down how many more I had left, how much faster I could go until I finished back at the store. Two bigs hills, one around mile four and a half and then a final climb to the end point, did not ease my anxiety. Yet, when I reached the top, amid hard breathing and that tingle up my legs that told me how hard they worked to push upwards, I felt that sense of reward in getting past the discomfort. Continue reading

Runners Say the Darndest Things

When you spend upwards of two to three hours with people moving on your feet, you have a lot of time to talk. About everything.

Like last Saturday’s long run, for example. As I headed out among the faster crew for our 10-mile run, the conversation began with my discovery that father-daughter dances are still a thing. I could have sworn political correctness killed them just a few years after my own  dances with my dad years ago. Continue reading

A 100-Mile Stranger

Yesterday I ran with a man and I never got his name.IMG_1341

In a series of fateful events, I pushed back my Saturday long run to Sunday morning. Needing the motivation to run the full 9 miles, I ran to Fleet Feet to join the Sunday morning fun run to make up for my laziness from the previous day.

When I arrived at the store, already warmed up and prepared for more miles, I met several of the Saturday morning runners who had also made the same decision to skip the previous day’s run in favor of the next day. The decision seemed to be in our favor: sunny skies, little breeze and temperatures around 40 degrees. Rarely perfect winter running conditions.  Continue reading