Only a Matter of Time

IMG_1783.JPGRunning may have made me a little pretentious.

How else should I feel when I telling people that my past SLR was only 12 miles? Only.

Yup, I’ve become that person.

That person who plans her social calendar around her running calendar. On Saturdays, evenings of activity are dependent on whether I am able to squeeze in a nap in the morning or afternoon. They also depend on making sure that I’m well fed during the day; no one wants to hang out with a hangry Bethany, trust me.

Yet, since this week was another cutback week in my training plan, a much-needed physical and mental break before these final weeks, I had a weekend that involved plenty of sunshine, good food, company and festivity.

IMG_1785.PNGBut of course, the running came first. Waking up to darkness, something I am slowly becoming accustomed to, I got in my 1.5 mile warmup to the store then headed out with the crew for a 6 mile jaunt to National Airport’s tarmacs, and then back.

The weather could not have been better. Temperatures hovered in the high 60s, but the sunshine made it feel even warmer. Though warmer than earlier runs in the week that felt more fall-like, the presence of the sun elevated my mood as I watched it sparkle and reflect off the nearby Potomac. Seeing cyclists and other runners, as well as boaters out on the water, made it clear that I was not the only one who thought it an ideal morning to be outdoors.

After a long week exasperated by an inbox flooded with emails and shifts in priorities on my to-do list, Saturday’s run was exactly what I needed. In a way, it almost felt easy, that I should have been naturally out there running in the post-sunrise hours. I needed that SLR, and by its end, I still felt great and allowed myself to cool down with a run home, finishing the morning with 15 miles, at an 8:38 pace.

So what’s the proper reward for a hard morning’s effort? Beer, of course. An afternoon spent with coworkers exploring H Street, an area of D.C. redefining itself and its scene through food and vitality, added up to a great Saturday.

With another 16-miler and the ultimate 20-miler looming in the coming weeks, I might be double dating on Saturdays with my bed and my foam roller, but it’s only a five more weeks until the day I prove to myself that these past few months of training have paid off.


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