Think Spring.

IMG_1293If I learned something from studying a couple of months for the LSAT it was the logic of sufficiency vs. necessity.

For example, it is not necessary that the feel-like temperatures be in the negative degrees for me to cancel my runs outdoors, but it is sufficient.

It is necessary that I do all my training runs, but it is not necessary that I do them all outside. If I run on the treadmill, then I have completed part of my training. Outdoor training isn’t a necessity of a running program, but it does make things a hell of a lot more interesting than running inside on a machine that only provides a good view depending on who is working out nearby. 

So my lack of writing is not because of a lack of running. Not running doesn’t mean no writing. On the contrary, I have logged my miles; the problem is finding the motivation to write when my running indoors. Despite wondering how this winter could be worse than last year, 2015 is looking to top 2014. Though it’s still only mid-February and D.C. just yesterday had its first official snow day, the continuity of sub-freezing days and gusting wind chills have made it difficult to stay focused when one’s training plan is completed on piece of technology that I loathe.

But as I spent my third day confined in my apartment, watching West Wing episodes as if it was my 9-5 job, I did something productive that boosted my spirits and hunger for the pavement. No, I didn’t go out for a run amid the snow and slush, but I did register for another spring race: the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler.

The lottery for the race opened last December, and a group of us from Fleet Feet entered the lottery together in hopes that we would be selected among the 15,000 racers. Unfortunately, the ten of us received disappointing news and our plans for a FF Team came to an end. As fate would have it, in between Netflix bingeing yesterday, I noticed the post of a Fleet Feeter offering to transfer her Cherry Blossom bib to a fellow racer. I jumped at the chance and within five minutes of her post, the transfer email came my way and I officially joined the race.

I ran the 10-miler last year for the first time with a few friends and loved it. The course is relatively flat, except for the short ascent up 14th Street to the finish line. Since I’ve run it before, doing it again just means I have something to work towards: beating my earlier 10-mile PR.

Now with Cherry Blossom on the schedule, I officially have four races between March 1 and April 12 (which includes the 5k and 10k double to kick off next month). I’m also currently organizing a work team to run in a local 5k, so that would put me at total of 35.5 racing miles. With none of them back to back, there will be plenty more miles accumulated after and in between races.

While the thermometer might currently tell me it feels like 24 degrees outside, my mind is thinking spring. And though it’s not necessary for it be warm outside, the thoughts of the season ahead are sufficient to keep me motivated.


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