About Me

Having lived in Rhode Island my entire life, my first venture out of the Ocean State came when I moved to Washington, D.C. to attend Georgetown University. In the midst of my senior year on the Hilltop, which included writing an honors thesis, studying for the LSAT, and then applying for jobs, I signed up for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in D.C.

Never a runner before signing up for the half marathon, I looked at the race as a personal challenge, an opportunity to see how I could push myself physically and mentally. With a goal of two hours, I finished in at about 1:59, besting my goal and setting me on a track to continue my newfound passion for running.

In the year since I finished my first 13.1 miles, I have since completed three other half marathons. Having basically run two marathons already, I committed myself to a full marathon. On October, 26, 2014, I completed my first 26.2 miles in 4:05. In October 2015, I completed my second marathon, running a 24-min PR to finish in 3:41.

From here on out, my running game is all about besting myself and setting new personal records (PRs).

The track to the races will be intense, but helping me keep my sanity will be this blog, a document through my training my journey. Amid pictures of the track, GPS watch activities, elevation maps and DC landmarks, one can also expect plenty of food and self-reflection. As a self-proclaimed foodie living in a city with an incredible food scene, this blog will highlight the ways in which I fuel, treat and satisfy my vegetarian, running lifestyle.

You can bet(h) any miles that this girl is on a pace for a sweaty, exhausting, empowering race to the finish.


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Have a great time in lovely Florence.Go to Lucca if you can, it is a beautiful town surrounded by an amazing wall. Look for the Lazzi bus near the station.

  2. Im new to wordpress…just starting out with my blog. One of the things that have been so interesting is the different blogs I have run into. I must say that I LOVE this blog! On top of it being so pretty…its actually a great read as well! Keep it up!

  3. Hey there, contacting you from College & Cook Magazine (collegeandcook(dot)com). We’re an entirely student-run food magazine based in DC; a friend recently mentioned your interest in food and thought I’d reach out to see if you’d like to get involved. If so feel free to shoot me an email – info(at)collegeandcook(dot)com. Thanks!

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