A Morning’s Accomplishment

IMG_1523 Later this month my office is having a summer party in which all in attendance must submit facts about themselves in advance to the Chief of Staff. The facts should be things no one would know; secret hobbies, ancestral connections, celebrity interactions. The goal of the submissions is to learn about each other and reward the person who can correctly identify the most facts about their colleagues.

I have not yet submitted my facts, mainly because I’ve had trouble coming up with things that no one doesn’t already know about me, or that I would be willing to admit/share about myself with my coworkers.

Unfortunately, I can’t have any of my facts be about running because it is no secret that I have a passion for it. Since I started working in my current office, I have completed three half marathons, and anyone who pays attention to when I’ve taken days off will notice a pattern in how they typically follow a weekend of racing.

After this morning’s run, I guess I could say I have run an additional half marathon, something no one would know since I’m working from home today. Before most people had settled into their desks at work today, I had completed 13.22 miles. Solo. And I feel great. IMG_1525

The reason for this unusual Friday long run is a result of missing tomorrow’s SLR due to my return to the greatest region in the U.S.: New England. After a nearly eight-month hiatus, I am heading back north to Rhode Island tonight and then off with the family to the White Mountains for a week-long vacation that will include hiking, kayaking, shopping, swimming eating, and doing absolutely nothing. To say I’m excited is any understatement.

It’s been five years since I have been to our summer hideaway in New Hampshire. Every summer since I was in first grade we would head up to North Conway and do all the touristy things for kids and enjoy the tax-free shopping for our back to school clothes. As my sister and I grew older, we swapped out the trips to Storyland for more adventurous excursions, like ziplining down a mountain or hiking to a point of seemingly no return. After a few summers spent working in D.C. between semesters and now living down here full-time, I had not had the chance to go on the family vacation. But now the hiatus is officially over and I’m about to enjoy my first extended time out of the office since I entered the real world last June.

Luckily for me, the trip comes at the perfect time in my training schedule. Next week is a scheduled  taper week, so I don’t have to worry about missing a track workout or squeezing in a tempo run. Instead, I get to taper down some miles and use it as an excuse to go for runs in the mountain air with no pressure to speed up or take up precious vacation time. The only thing I have to worry about on my runs is moose crossing…

So as my legs begin to feel the effects of this morning’s 13.22 miles, I’ll be counting down the hours until I’m on a plane to New England. Until then, I still have to come up with those facts about myself since now, on the off-chance anyone from my office reads my blog, I have admitted to facts I can no longer use for next month’s party.


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