The Year I Kicked As(Phalt)

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/443/19181280/files/2014/12/img_2117.jpg2014 was an incredible year. It started off on an amazing note and only became even more memorable. It certainly had its moments of heartbreak, grief, frustration, and doubt, yet when looking back on the past year, 2014 was a tremendous period of growth in maturity, strength, physical and mental well being.

Coming off of 2013, a year in which I graduated from college, completed a thesis, avoided unemployment and moved out of the boundaries of the Georgetown community, I honestly doubted how 2014 could possibly top it. But it did.

This past Sunday, as I sat in the airport on my return flight to D.C, I opened up one my notebooks and turned to its final page. Summarized in bullet points, my goals for 2014 stained the paper. On one of the final days of last year, I resolved to:

    • Cook at least twice a week
    • Read at least two books a month
    • Stick with a weekly running group
    • Dare to do things out of my comfort zone
    • Run a Fall marathon
    • Solidify relationships
    • Ask for a raise
    • Go on a trip planned by myself
    • Give up soda
    • Drink more tea
    • Write press releases
    • Go to California


Much to my surprise, I had accomplished nearly all of my resolutions, and then some. Although I failed to cook during the week (unless you count making grilled cheese, avocado toast, almond butter sandwiches and kale salad as cooking) and only read maybe one book a month, I did much of what I set out to do:

  • I ran and trained for my first marathon with my Fleet Feet Crew;
  • I dared to, among others, drink juice for three days, switch jobs, try insane workout regimens, and respond to invitations from strangers.
  • I met some incredible people, while establishing new and strengthening existing friendships.
  • I asked about a raise and then eventually secured a new position at an organization with a mission that coincides with my passion for women’s issues.
  • I did not set foot in California, but I finally went West and spent three amazing days in Las Vegas with one of my best friends.
  • I delved into working with the Communications team at my old job and began writing press releases for publication.

In addition to these achievements, 2014 also included a number of notable milestones:

    • I fell the hardest I’ve ever fallen for someone, and learned more about myself in the process of recovering from when it fell apart.
    • I landed a new job (see above)
    • I moved into a new apartment, into a new neighborhood
    • I bought and assembled my own furniture
    • I committed myself to 26.2 miles and future years of wanting to do it again.

Considering my doubts for 2014 and how it turned out, the bar is set high for 2015. Only two more days and then 2015 is here. Bring it on.



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