A Remarkable Moveable Feast

It would be fitting that as I watched Woody Allen’s new film Midnight in Paris the only thing I could smell was butter.

Even if the butter was emanating from bags of popcorn, the scent of the fat made me think of all the wonderful French things made with the glorious churned milk. Crossiants, pain au chocolat, sole meunière, beurre blanc. Each of these heavenly items sparked memories of my few days in the capital of France. Continue reading


I Momenti di Estasi

During my time in Italy, my Italian class devoted a day’s lesson to watching the film Lezioni di Cioccolato (Chocolate Lessons). In the film, one of the characters is constantly reciting the phrase i momenti di estasi, “moments of ecstasy,” to describe those simple instances in life that offer pure pleasure and satisfaction. Such moments do not provide only joy, but they also serve as teaching moments to educate and remind us to appreciate life’s everyday lessons.

I know it has been a while since my last post, and I can make very few excuses for it. Although I had my impending move back to D.C. keeping me very busy, as well as finishing up my last few days of work, there has been little else that has kept me from opening up my computer and activating Word. While there were many times when I was about ready, my trackpad swerved from the Word icon to the Internet where I carelessly spent my time browsing recipes and reading gossip instead of writing. Continue reading

Me and Mr. Hemingway

I realized that Ernest Hemingway and I have a lot in common.

Not only did Hemingway make his living as writer, something I strive one day to do, but he also traveled the world and shared his global experiences with readers throughout the course of his brilliant career. As he once said, “Writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind and I like to write standing up.”  Continue reading