Run Like a Girl

I do it; I run like a girl.

I run in bright colored sneakers that can’t be missed. In pony tails and braids that bounce on the back of my head but keep the hair out of my face.

I run in sport bras that no one can see but keep me supported and comfortable.

Sometimes in a pink baseball cap that shows off my allegiance to my favorite hometown Major League Baseball team.

Other times in colorful socks, or ones that don’t match. Or with sunglasses that protect my eyes and make me look like a sprinting rock star.

I run with Taylor Swift blasting in my ears and my lips humming along to the lyrics.

I run alongside the boys. And then I run past them.

I run with agility and intensity. I run focused and eager to reach the finish line. I run without fear of failure and the commitment to keep going.

I run without worry about how I might look or whether my hair is in perfect shape. I run makeup free so that the sun kisses me face and gives me that natural glow from spending hours outside on my feet.

I run bare armed and fully layered. In spring, summer, fall, and winter. In sunshine, humidity, rain and cold.

On tracks, trails and treadmills.

I run to a destination, for a goal, for a purpose. I run with confidence.

When I run like a girl,  I run as fast I can.

When someone says I run like a girl, the best answer I can give them is “Thank you.”


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