Life Moves Pretty Fast

Laura & Javier 542-L_2But busy isn’t an excuse to let it go by.

Running is back in my life full-time, so my days have become that much chock-full. I have stuck to my training plan and recommended mileage. It’s just that with running comes hunger. And fatigue. And passing out at 930 PM because sitting up straight to write a blog post is the last thing you want to do at the end of the day.

But I won’t say I have been too busy to blog. No, that would be making an excuse. While, yes, my days have been long and tiring, there were several instances this week when I could have taken an hour to write something to share. However, I consciously chose not to in favor of using that hour for more sleep or catching up with old friends or reading the newspaper that has been in it’s bag since Sunday.

I hate it when people say they are “too busy,” especially among people my age. We create our schedules; if we want to be out until 3 AM talking feminism while eating jumbo slice, we do it. We don’t have bedtimes or marriages or children to worry about. We have the benefit of choosing what we do and whether it makes us happy. Why waste time doing something just to do it?

Some of us thrive on having a full calendar. I admit that I prefer a packed day because it motivates me to be more productive and value my time more, but it also forces me to prioritize what goes into making the day so occupied. During training months, running is one of those things. I love running, so I make it a point to put it on my calendar and get in the necessary miles. Even as plans change and things come up, I always try to ensure that those miles get logged. Yes, during marathon training that meant early morning runs and sober Friday nights, but these are small sacrifices for the end result of accomplishing my goal of becoming a marathoner.

Yet even as a I logged upwards of 30-40 miles a week, I made sure that not only did I make time for those hours on the road, but also for those hours with the people who know me like my sneakers know the shape of my foot. If someone wanted to meet up on a scheduled workout day or in the hours following a SLR, I made a point to reference my schedule and note when another time would work best. I didn’t mean to do this as a way of saying I’m too busy. No, I did it as a point of saying, I value getting together and want to find a time when we can meet that won’t have me falling asleep in my chair, scarfing down all carbs in sight, or rushing off suddenly to somewhere else. Or all of the above.

Busy is an excuse. We all have the option to say “no,” and yet somehow, especially among my peers, the instinct is to say “yes” to everything, even without thinking about how this might affect us later. No matter whether a full-time student or a full-time worker, life doesn’t have to be a constant cycle of evenings in the office responding to emails or even later nights in the Starbucks with double espresso shots writing essays.

Life is about enjoying every second of it. As Ferris Bueller says, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


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