Attempting to One-up Myself

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/443/19181280/files/2014/12/img_10131.jpgOnly one day left in the year, so of course it’s time for the obligatory resolutions post. 2014 was an incredible mix of accomplishments, and it is difficult to imagine what 2015 could have in store. Even after a marathon year that included a move and a career change, the coming year represents a new beginning, a chance to do new things and improve on past experiences.

In preparing and training for the MCM, I learned that if you really want something, then you must commit yourself fully to it. It meant saying no to invitations for Friday evenings out, avoiding frozen yogurt to avoid stomach cramps, setting a 630 AM for every Saturday for four months, setting even earlier alarms for pre-work runs, and spending time sprinting in circles while drenched in sweat on the track. The experience taught me that if you want something bad enough, you have to work for it. Or fight for it. Thus, I intend to apply this same commitment to action towards everything I want.

Among the many achievements of 2014 that I am most proud of is re-launching this blog. After bouts of writing about my study abroad experiences and a summer living in D.C., I switched gears again to focus specifically on my running. For the coming months, continuing my writing and expanding my portfolio are prominent goals.

Rather than traditional resolutions that tend to focus on changing or improving behaviors, I’m dedicating myself to a year of new experiences and pushing myself to greater limits, physically, mentally and emotionally. In no specific order, here’s what I hope (will!) to achieve in 2015:

  • Have an op-ed published in a national outlet
  • PR in the upcoming D.C. Rock N’ Roll half marathon
  • Run a sub four-hour marathon
  • Delve deeper into my yoga practice, committing to at least two times a week
  • Become certified to teach a different type of exercise, ideally Body Pump
  • Travel somewhere new, ideally on the West Coast
  • Study a new language, ideally French
  • Learn to make the first move, be bold, be brave, be the first to dance.


At 23, it is difficult to decide how I want to dedicate my time for the next year. Through most of my life, I had a dictated path: high school, SAT, college admittance, high school graduation, college committal, LSAT, thesis, college graduation, employment. It was as a senior in college when I decided not to pursue law school post-LSAT that I forced myself to re-evaluate what I really wanted.

Going to law school immediately after graduation almost seemed like the easy route, buying me another three years to figure out my life’s plan. My mother always joked that my life’s path should be “school, job, marriage, baby.” Well, I’ve checked the first two off, but those came with a time-table. The latter two life stages have no deadline.

So why rush? I’m young and with no commitments to anyone but me, so the sky’s the limit for what I can set myself up to achieve. I’m a doer who loves goals and being active and busy. I have set my agenda for 2015, but as we know, life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you might get, or what might happen.


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