You Never Forget Your First Time

They say you never forget your first time; it’s one of those special moments that stays with you forever.

When asked are you ready, you cannot deny how prepared you are to do it.

When it begins, the feeling is magical. All the thoughts, images and feelings of what you imagined the moment would be like cannot compare. Your heart is beating so fast that you can barely think, and yet your body responds without deliberation, and the energy takes over.

After it’s full speed ahead, questions begin to pop into your mind. “Am I doing this right?” “How is my form?” “How will I feel after this?”

And then gradually the questions are abandoned as your body shows you that it knows the answers. With each movement, you are one step closing to finishing, that illustrious feeling of accomplishment; the climax of so much effort.

You build up to it. In spite of the sweat in your hair and the tension in your legs, you feel amazing. You feel ready to be rewarded and celebrated. You try to smile, but your breathing intensifies as you push to the end.

It’s a long climb, at times painful. During the first time, there is no doubt going to be pain. There may even be pain after, but it is temporary. As Bob Dylan once said, ““Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.”

And then you reach that point, that point when you give it everything you have left. The momentum and the passion carry you forward. When you reach the finish, everything releases. You heart rate is still pounding and your hair is sticking to the back of your neck. Any lingering self doubt is erased as you bask in the glory of that end feeling. There is a rapid fire of emotions, and there is no holding back.

In those few minutes after it’s over, you think about all that has just happened. The pain and the endurance prove themselves to have been worth it. You feel a high unlike ever before and already your mind begins to wander about doing it again. After all, practice makes perfect.

All it takes is that first time to get you wanting more.

Crossing the finish line at your first marathon is just the beginning. Once you finish, there is no going back.


2 thoughts on “You Never Forget Your First Time

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