West Coast Bound

IMG_1700.JPGI’m currently sitting in an airport. I been up since 4 AM and currently on my first cup of coffee. This day could potentially be the longest one ever, but I don’t care; I’m West Coast bound.

Despite a semester traveling throughout Europe during my sophomore year at school, my travels in the United States have been limited to the East Coast. Except for one memorable trip to Chicago, I haven’t explored my own country very far. Today that changes. In less than thirty minutes I will be on a plane to Las Vegas.

Sometimes the best decisions are the ones made spontaneously. Feeling a strong desire for an escape, this past May, I started paying more attention to my weekly travel deal emails. One week a particular deal caught my eye: roundtrip airfare and three-night stay in Las Vegas. Having put a West Coast Visit on my 2014 Bucket List, I shot an email to a friend with the similar subject line, “Vegas?”. The response was almost immediate: “When?!”

So the “when” is now. My overpacked bag is checked and I’m sitting in the terminal with my laptop counting down the minutes to takeoff. The five-hour flight will have me in Vegas by 9:30 AM and down by the strip before 11 AM. On the itinerary: eating, poolside lounging and making friends with strangers. It’s a much-needed period of relaxation with the promise of lots of adventure and stories.

Even if this trip keeps me from running and means I’m running Saturday’s 18-mile SLR jet lagged, it will be worth. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I know I won’t be able to keep all of it a secret.


2 thoughts on “West Coast Bound

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