I’m on a Diet

IMG_1590It’s called the when-in-New-England-eat-lobster-whenever-possible diet.

And so far I’m loving it.

Unlike my earlier summer diet, three days of nothing but juice, this is a welcome, and much healthier, change. Even better, the lobster diet is low in calories, before you take into account all the butter.

So when up north, the diet must adapt. Although a vegetarian in title, as a New Englander, I kept fish in my diet. A vegetarian for health and nutrition reasons rather than environmental ethics/activism, I still rarely it. Since I don’t buy fish to cook, there are only a few occasions when I actually eat it. When at home in New England for the summer is one of those times.

A picture says a thousand words, so why not bother with more writing when I can show my enthusiasm for lobster crepes and two pounders? IMG_1589 IMG_1597IMG_1598IMG_1600


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