I May be Crazy

In, “You May be Right,” Billy Joel sings:

But I made it home alive
So you said that only proves that I’m insane
You may be right
I may be crazy

This verse adequately summarizes my Tuesdays. That I make it home alive after a full day of work, followed by an hour teaching spin at Georgetown and then an hour-long track workout just proves that I’m insane. Anyone who calls me crazy would be right.

Tuesdays are already a weird day. They aren’t Mondays, which are just painful and caffeine-laden; they aren’t Hump Day Wednesdays, which drag on for hours; and they aren’t Fridays, when the countdown to the weekend can’t speed up. But for me, Tuesdays promise a double dose of workouts, literally back to back. Whereas two-a-days are a common thing among athletes, usually theirs involve an AM and a PM workout, not subsequent hours of cardiovascular intensity.

When I made my teaching schedule at Georgetown, I was not enrolled in my training program, therefore I did not know that Tuesdays were scheduled as a track/hill workouts. Since I want to work on speed and endurance, I hesitate to pass up on the workouts, or do them on my own. The camaraderie of the group helps when the going gets rough, so I’d rather do two workouts in a row with people than miss out on the encouragement and energy.

So Tuesday’s return to the track had us doing a pyramid workout: 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m, focusing on making the 1600m as fast as possible, with rest 1⁄2 time it takes for run on each.IMG_1509



This workout is for running purists, and it was by far the most intense workout I have endured. For a total of 4 miles, I averaged 7.11 min/mi. By the last 400, I had slowed down a bit, but I blame that on very fatigued legs.

While I impressed myself with what I accomplished, I can only imagine what I can do if I hadn’t taught just 30 minutes before! Fortunately, I only have two more weeks of these two-a-day Tuesdays; then I’ll only be teaching once a week at Georgetown and I made sure it was not Tuesday.

Until then, as Billy Joel says, “I might be as crazy as you say/ If I’m crazy then it’s true/ That it’s all because” of this thing called running.



4 thoughts on “I May be Crazy

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