Running: My Metaphor

Sometimes it hurts to get out of bed.

Sometimes it is painful to get out bed.

You open your eyes to the sunlight and/or the sound of screaming alarm. The noise is almost deafening and it does not stop until you conjure enough energy to silence the blare.

Then you remember, and wish you could go back to sleep. But then you realize that you have something to do. Something to keep you moving. And focused. And in action.IMG_1289

You get ready almost robotically, still not completely awake, but slowly preparing for what lies ahead. Sometimes you are not completely sure what that is, or where it will take you. Sometimes you don’t know how far you will go or the amount of effort it will take you to get there.

But you know you need to push through it. That there is somewhere to be other than where you are now. Some place new to discover. Someone new to meet along the way. Or someone to pass.

You literally run away. You run from one memory to the next. You create new ones on the path; you make conscious decisions about which path to follow and which to avoid. Sometimes you take the wrong one; sometimes someone will lead you astray. You learn then that it is better to lead than to follow, to take the road “less traveled by.”

Each step offers a new challenge; how many more can you take before you body, your mind, begins to feel the fatigue? Before the bruises emerge and the pains cramp your form. Even as you run forward, the reality is that you can’t run away completely. Not every run has a different end point than its beginning; sometimes you have to return where you started.

But even though you escaped for a moment, or several, the return is not without growth, increased strength and wisdom. Initially it may seem cowardice, but the return signals bravery and acceptance. Coming back to the starting point to create new beginnings; to set forth again on different paths. Learning from where the past took you and where it can take you next.

Running is my metaphor.


7 thoughts on “Running: My Metaphor

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