Running on Not Quite Empty

How is it Monday already? Surely this weekend should have lasted longer than my three-day cleanse!

Alas, guess it is back to work today. Fortunately for me, my three days of juicing did not put a damper on my Saturday and Sunday; on the contrary, it was the busy weekend and there were no unfortunate side effects of the multiple days without real meals. IMG_1473

Like all Saturdays from now and until October 25, it started with a 6:20 AM alarm signaling me to get up, into my running clothes and out the door to Fleet Feet for the 7 AM SLR. This week’s 8-mile route had us running from the store down to the Lincoln Memorial and back. Despite having very limited fuel in me, I decided to run with the big guns yesterday, the sub 8 minute-mile pace group. At least for the beginning. I kept pace with them for about the first two miles, but by the time I had reached Lincoln, my pace had dropped to about 8:20/mi and there the boys were nowhere in sight (clearly, this has been a week of less than the best decisions) .

IMG_1471Even so, a much-needed hydration break at the bubbler (spell check is telling me it’s not a word; in RI it is!) led me to catch the 8-9 min/mi group and run back with them to the store. It was a very hot and muggy morning, making the run one of the most difficult in recent memory. The combination of the heat, a calorie deficit and the Calvert Hill in the last mile  left me feeling less than 100%. Yet, even with the previous three days behind me, I think the heat and humidity were more of a factor than anything. Nevertheless, I finished the day with an 8:25/mi pace.

Four miles is on tap for this morning, followed by a track workout tomorrow evening, if Mother Nature lets it happen. The training continues!

The rest of Saturday I spent strolling through the newest exhibition at the National Gallery of Art, Degas/Cassatt. The included pieces from the two well-known impressionist artists and emphasized the ways in which the individuals’ influenced each others’ work. Although not a very big exhibit, it was well done, and included some of the painters most recognizable works and subjects, as well as lesser-known prints and other artistic mediums.

Not surprisingly, I spent much of the day catching up on the calories I had missed from the earlier days. While residual hunger did linger from the cleanse, I mainly ate on Saturday to compensate for the intense AM workout. The day ended with me claiming victory in a bar with banana bread while playing the game of Life. Now if only we could all just roll the die and be told how many spaces until we could be married and have children and retire.

And on Sunday, an adventure was had out in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia with some great company. A day spent floating down the river in tubes with a cooler of wine cider, cookies and fudge (you know, the essentials) made for a relaxing excursion outside of the city. D.C. has plenty to offer in the summertime, but sometimes the hot sun requires proximity to the water.


With an ice cream festival already on the agenda for this coming Saturday, so begins the countdown to the next weekend.



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