Drinking for Days

All I want is a cookie. Or a giant cone of ice cream, with sprinkles. But I can’t have either of them, or any other food for that matter. Until Saturday.

Let me explain.IMG_0411

About a month or so ago one of my coworkers touted these great tasting juices sold at her workout boutique. Another coworker, familiar with the product from her yoga studio, also chimed in about her affection for the juices. As a fellow foodie and a workout fiend, I was intrigued. Goûter, a local D.C. food company, specializes in tonics packed with antioxidants and nutrients made from raw, vegan ingredients. Advertised as a clean and uplifting post-workout boost, the company’s products are available at various fitness centers around the city. Already fans of the product, my coworkers suggested the idea of trying out of the company’s cleanses. Available in one, three, five or seven-day stints, the cleanses can involve all tonics or a mix of tonics and other Goûter products, such as a sprout salad and a raw date and coconut bar. Looking over the options, the three of us decided on a three-day cleanse with exclusively tonics. Yesterday was Day One. IMG_1465 The start date of the cleanse was strategic. By starting on a Wednesday, we finish on Friday, leaving us the weekend to be social and enjoy ourselves without having to carry bottles of tonics and straws in our purses. Each day of the cleanse is the same: six tonics, every two to three hours.

  1. Awake: alkaline water, lemon, cayenne pepper, coconut nectar, blue green algae, chlorella
  2. Detox: Awake: alkaline water, lemon, cayenne pepper, coconut nectar, blue green algae, chlorella
  3. Stretch: alkaline water, lemon, cayenne pepper, coconut water, turmeric root, cardamom, black pepper, vanilla
  4. Balance: alkaline water, lemon, coconut nectar, cayenne, spirulina
  5. Digest: alkaline water, lemon, cayenne pepper, coconut nectar, aloe, mint, ginger
  6. Nourish Melk: alkaline water, hemp seeds, dates, coconut sugar, cacao, spirulina, maca, mesquite

In full disclosure, I am not doing this as any sort of diet or means to lose weight. I am regularly active as is, and a previously difficult relationship with food has made me anti-diet. Eating is something I love, and just like running and writing, food is one of my passions. That being said, I decided to commit with an open mind mainly to refresh my body and try something new. Yet, now only being one day in, I have my concerns. Goûter promotes the cleanse as an opportunity to give the digestive system a break to clean and flush out toxins. However, in doing so, you are constantly drinking. Drinking six full bottles during the day is a challenge in itself; by the time you finish one, it already is time for the next! When I finally finished all six yesterday, it was 830 PM. While the tonics do a good job at fleshing out the toxins, therein lies a problem: they get flushed out, which means multiple trips to the ladies’ room. But even more concerning to me is the fact that, in total, the tonics only contain about 700 calories. Considering my current training plan and my inability to sit still, this limited number also limits my activity as I can’t exactly go for a run that would burn more than half of my daily consumed calories. This is a particular challenge when considering the makeup hill session rescheduled for this morning. Although going into cleanse I had no intentions of losing weight, in reality and unfortunately for me, I will likely lose a few pounds simply because of my body type and my activity level. Yet I know that it won’t last because I am already imagining all the things I want to indulge in post-cleanse. Besides, I get so much pleasure from eating and justify all my culinary experiments and excursions for fueling my marathon training. Such limited calorie consumption is not sustainable. Aside from saying that I made it through, I foresee no net gains from this experiment on my body. A full recap is to come when I finish, which will likely include more disclaimers about what not to do during a cleanse and whether I would ever do it again (already leaning heavily “no”). Even on the first day, I already cheated: some slight hunger pains led me to some grapes and a peach. Even so, I went to bed feeling somewhat satisfied, thanks to the most calorie-dense and healthy fat-packed nourish hemp melk that finished off the day. Now we just have to see how I feel after Day Two…


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