I’m Back!

Officially, and hopefully for the long haul.

Crazy to think that since the last time I blogged I had just finished up my junior year at Georgetown and was in the midst of an intense summer of LSAT studying. Since that time, I have abandoned/postponed my law school dreams, wrote a thesis, graduated, started working and moved apartments. Twice.

Oh, and I started running.
IMG_1256As if I didn’t have enough on my plate senior year, I spontaneously signed up for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Besides simply wanting some sort of distraction from the hours of thesis research and job hunting, the decision actually made little sense. Yet though I had never run more than 5k, training for the race became my time to de-stress, explore areas of the city by foot and momentarily forget about all the other responsibilities on my to-do list.

Ultimately I ran my first race in just under two hours, at 1:59. Bitten by the running bug, I continued to run and race, including the Rock N’ Roll Providence (September 2013), Rock N’ Roll D.C. (March 2014) and the Nike Women’s Half (April 2o14). And now with four half marathons under my belt, naturally, the next step is to run a full marathon. So I am: October 26, 2014 I will be among the thousands running 26.2 miles in the Marine Corps Marathon in D.C.

Training officially kicked off for me about two weeks ago; from now until October my Saturdays will start early and the mileage will crank up.IMG_1332

So why then if so much of my time will become devoted to running have I decided to spend my remaining free hours blogging? The answer is twofold.

For starters, blogs have been an extreme aid to me over the past year and half as I have eased into the world of running. With my challenge awaiting me later this fall, I wanted this blog to serve as a document of my journey. From the SLRs (Saturday long runs) to the track to the hills to the monuments, no run is safe from a having filtered Instagram photo capturing the experience.

Secondly, for those who know me well, a recent experience left me feeling less than confident and emotionally drained. Even my passion for running became impacted as certain memories attached to the activity made me less than eager to lace up my sneakers. Meanwhile, my other passion, writing, renewed itself. By expressing words on a page, I was reminded how much I missed writing and how much people actually enjoyed reading what I had to say.

With the marathon on the horizon, running renewed itself as an activity I loved, and so it made sense to combine the two things that keep me sane through the renewal of this blog.

In the months ahead, one can expect  to read about lots of sweat, dirt and muddied sneakers. Of course, one can also expect to read about the eats fueling my training hunger and to admire the kitchen experiments that result from running cravings. The countdown is already in progress to October, so you can bet(h) any miles it will be an action-packed, delicious journey.



5 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Great job, as usual,.look forward to reading more. Good luck with your training.

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