Readying for Iced Coffee Weather

When I left Florida yesterday afternoon, it was 75 degrees in Orlando. According to this Website, the warm, comfortable air temperatures made it ideal iced coffee weather.

When I arrived in D.C. last night, it was a cool, jacket-required 48 degrees —definitely not iced coffee weather.

Fortunately, D.C. weather looks to follow its sister down south as temperatures are expected to climb into the 70s for most of the coming week.

With warmer temperatures and now more sunlight to enjoy in the day, things are looking up for the near future. A new season will soon be upon us and that is worth celebrating.

Spring is my favorite time at Georgetown. The return  of green to the trees and higher temperatures also signals the start of days lounging on Healy Lawn, eating ice cream and not simultaneously freezing, the Cherry Blossom festival, late nights walks to the monument and an overall more comfortable, positive atmosphere.

Despite the fact that my workload does not get any lighter in the warmer months (in fact it piles up even more with the approach of finals), there is something to be said about sitting outside for hours in the sunlight reading Aristotle or writing a paper about the role of women in Shakespeare’s plays. Unlike in the winter when I banish myself in my apartment, wrap myself in blankets and wear nothing but sweatpants all weekend long, spring welcomes not only April showers and May flowers, but a chance to get out and do all the things I have avoided because of the cold.

On my short list of things to do in the near future:

  • Cheering on my Hoyas during March Madness
  • Shopping, and eating, at Eastern Market
  • Gallivanting to U Street for Busboys and Poets
  • Finally seeing the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom
  • Possibly adventuring to New York City
  • Cooking with the season’s fresh produce: asparagus risotto, anyone?
  • Celebrating Georgetown Day
  • Sitting on a bench and staring at images at the National Portrait Gallery

In addition to these things, I promise to continue blogging at least once a week, at least so people know that I am in fact alive. Unfortunately, I already know that this week will be a test. With a research proposal due in just 8 days and planning for Women’s History Week, I know that I have my work cut out for me. Yet considering that today I have gone to the gym, toured the farmer’s market, finished a paper, lingered around campus and managed to blog, all before six o’clock, I am hopeful that I can find the time to type up at least a couple of hundred word, pun-filled and witty posts.

Even if I can’t always manage those hundred words, then photo-filled posts will just have to do. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine what sort of stories I can tell with posts dominated by images? As of now it seems I only take pictures of food (if you dine with me, ready your food for its close-up), so it just might be time for me to add some other mediums to the mix.

Spring is certainly in the air here in D.C.; let’s just wish things stay as bright and optimistic throughout the rest of my junior year.


One thought on “Readying for Iced Coffee Weather

  1. Omg ahahhahaha my mom and i joke about that iced coffee site all the time!

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