So Long Since Last We Met

“It’s been so long since last we met…”

While some readers might not get the reference in the opening sentence, I thought that the Georgetown’s Fight Song fit well in these circumstances. Yes, readers, it has been a very long time since last we met.

In my last post, nearly a month and a half ago, I wrote about my gelatin-wrecked vegetarian diet and my resolution to start anew. Since that time much has happened.

Like the fall semester, the spring term has been equally, if not more, busy. Once again taking a full courseload, I am also working my job at school, commuting to an internship and juggling various extracurricular activities. In light of this, I have come to the realization that 24 hours in a day are just not enough. WIth so much on plate, my resolution for weekly blogging became like the decadent dessert calling my name on the counter. Unfortunately, with so much else weighing me down, giving in to the temptation of blogging would have only put me behind on the things I actually needed to do.

So, you ask, why the sudden return to the blogosphere? Well, while I wish I could say that my to-do did not include a thesis research proposal or a five-page on Kant, I do have some free-time on my hands this week. Enter: Spring Break 2012.

Considering that last spring break, I went on an epic European tour to Greece, France and Spain, this year’s vacation has a lot to live up to. Although this break I am stateside, I fled the chilly temperatures of D.C. to the sunny coast of Florida. Staying with family in Vero Beach, I have warm weather, palm trees, juicy citrus, family gossip, Italian dinners and blots of sunscreen to enjoy. It may not be Paris or Barcelona, but it has great food and good company AND sunshine; what more could you ask for?

Although there are things that I should be doing over this break (besides doing nothing), I promise to stay current in the blogging world and post about my break adventures and eats. The next few months at school will be as busy as the last, but somehow I will manage to post something, anything, so that I do not go another one month-plus without any word from me.

Going to school in D.C. affords me a great number of opportunities, and since I love to (nu)tella story, I might as well share them via the Web. With (another) vegetarian mishap, a trip to Seaworld and homemade waffles already in the books, this spring break is already living up to expectations.

I can promise that it won’t be so long until we meet again.


2 thoughts on “So Long Since Last We Met

  1. 1) i like the new blog name. it reminds me of a certain poster i’ve seen in a coffee shop 😉

    2) i like the tagline too. whadda smarty.

    3) the new layout looks purty!

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