Resolving Again

Only 16 days into the new year and already I have failed.

Earlier this month I resolved to renew my blogging habits and write at least two to three posts a week. Yet, for those of you who might have noticed, this past week was without a single post. I will try, however, to rationalize my blogging absence.

This past week was packed with action. Last Sunday, I made my return to my home away from home. Returning to Georgetown a few days before the rest of the student body was somewhat eerie. Although I was excited to be back at school, there was something strange about being on campus with very few people around. Despite the unseasonably warm temperatures, no one was outside on Healy Lawn playing frisbee or reading under the shade of a tree. Falling asleep to near silence was also strange, as last semester I had grown accustomed to listening in bed to the sounds of late-night strollers passing by my window. I never thought I would say it, but a part of me even missed the resonating sounds of auto-tune music blasting from the apartment upstairs. Without student presence, Georgetown did not seem itself.

Fortunately, the loneliness was short-lived. The following morning I packed my bags for an overnight leadership retreat with some of my peers. Myself and the other student leaders who were willing to cut their breaks short boarded a bus for Maryland, and together we spent Monday and part of Tuesday morning developing and networking our leadership skills. Sleeping in bunk beds in a cabin was not the ideal sleeping arrangement, but the retreat itself was a great opportunity to meet with some of my energetic, motivated peers, eager to produce change on the Hilltop.

Once back on campus, it was back to reality. Spring semester classes started up on Wednesday, therefore signaling the return of the jam-packed schedule, endless bouts of reading and late nights spent avoiding such reading. Yet, these past few days have been relatively calm and stress-free. Without any classes on Friday and having yet to take two of my classes (since they only meet once a week on Tuesday evenings), I have enjoyed a four-day weekend with limited homework. But even with such leisure time, time that I will likely not see again until June, I did not sit down and blog.

There is technically no excuse for this week’s blogging hiatus. I spent a considerable amount of time on the computer, but rather than writing up something witty, or at least attempt to, I browsed through too many links on my Twitter feed and bookmarked countless recipes that in all likelihood will never be replicated in my apartment kitchen. Yet, in a way, I am happy with how I spent the past few days. This coming semester promises to be even busier than the last (thank you internship, LSATs, extracurriculars, and homework), and this weekend I let myself enjoy the lack of a lengthy to-do list. On the agenda: brunch with the girls, D.C. improv, late night venting/gossiping sessions and hot yoga. When I wasn’t gallivanting off campus, lounging in sweatpants in the  comfort of my apartment made for ideal downtime.

So while I may have already faltered on one of my New Year’s resolutions, I have succeeded in accomplishing another:  enjoy doing nothing on the occasions when it is possible.


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