How my Suitemate is Making Me Fat

I have a unique problem. It is a problem that many people might not even think worth worrying about it. Considering the condition of my apartment and my “fifth” roommate, one might wonder what other concerns I could possibly have. So what is the dilemma? My suitemate is tempting me with too many with cupcakes.

For the past few weeks, one of my three suitemates has been working at the infamous Georgetown Cupcake. Home of TLC’s show D.C. Cupcakes, the store has been turning out some of the district’s most delectable treats for the past three years. Owners and sisters Katherine Kallinis and Sophie LaMontagne pride themselves on using the best ingredients, such as Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and Valrhona chocolate, to create cupcakes that have people waiting upwards of an hour or more.

With lines rivaling, and sometimes surpassing, the one at the National Archives, the shop has become a must-see stop for tourists visiting the nation’s capital. As someone who lives in the area, the popularity of the TV show has negatively impacted the Georgetown Cupcake experience. Before the show, I can remember the days when I could simply walk into the original Potomac Street location and be out with my cupcakes in less than five minutes. Now, unless I preorder my cupcakes, a spontaneous trip to satisfy my sweet tooth could last longer than my craving.

During my two years at Georgetown, there were only a handful of occasions when I actually visited the shop to purchase my cupcakes. Oftentimes I enjoyed the treats without seeing a dent in wallet, gorging on the complimentary snacks at student meetings and friends’ birthday gatherings. Last year, my roommate and I would check our dorm’s common room every Saturday evening to see if there was a pink box on the table brought back by a student after a day working at the shop. Those Saturday nights became a game. Will the box be there or not? Will the cupcakes be edible or squished into a giant mess?  Will they have our favorite flavors, salted caramel and key lime? Whenever there was a box, there was never disappointment.

Today, however, it is a much different story. At least three nights a week, I hear my suitemate come back from her shift and head towards the kitchen. Those boxes of cupcakes that used to get me so excited have now become the enemy. During this past week alone I have seen five boxes of cupcakes grace my dining table.  Five boxes with nearly two dozen cupcakes in each box; I would estimate that in the past four days more than 100 cupcakes have sat in my apartment.

So what then is the problem? What could possibly be wrong with unlimited free cupcakes, especially those from a place like Georgetown Cupcake? The problem is self-control. How can one possibly ignore a box of cupcakes with lava fudge filling, chocolate covered espresso beans and tops of buttercream frosting? It simply cannot be done.

I did not think it was even possible, but I think there might soon come a day when I actually get sick and tired of cupcakes. At first the thought of my suitemate working at Georgetown Cupcake made me smile. Everyone I told felt jealous of the endless supply of baked goods piled up in my kitchen. Yet, nobody realizes what all the cupcakes mean.

To begin, the cupcakes that see their way to the apartment are just a few of the hundreds left over from the bakery at the end of each day. If they are not boxed up and taken by employees at the days’ finish, then the sweets meet their unfortunate end in the garbage. Bearing in mind that each cupcake costs $2.75 plus tax, this means that hundreds of dollars goes into the trash every night. Based on this reasoning, why then would anyone let a box of cupcakes go uneaten?

While not eating the cupcakes would be wasteful, there is a negative effect to cupcake consumption. Though the shop does use high quality ingredients, these treats are not exactly health food. There are two main reasons why the cupcakes taste so irresistible: butter and cream cheese. Butter makes the cake moist, and the frosting is made luscious by combining both butter and cream cheese. The combination of two fats and plenty of sugar equals lots and lots of calories.

Were it not for the worries of having to buy an entire new wardrobe, I felt I could live happily if I could enjoy at least one cupcake a day. Though my wallet might not be tightening because of my suitemate’s work employment and complimentary cupcakes, my jeans might soon be feeling the pinch. I have a little less than a month left in the apartment, so the question becomes do I indulge in all the cupcakes I can get  for the time being guilt-free or do I turn my back on the pink boxes? It will be a tough decision…


4 thoughts on “How my Suitemate is Making Me Fat

  1. Have they considered donating the leftover cupcakes to a soup kitchen, shelter or perhaps a summer program? Seems a shame to throw away so many gorgeous cupcakes when folks go to bed hungry.

    PS – Enjoy ’em while you have ’em, diet later. =)

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