An Exhausting Week

This past week has been the ultimate whirlwind. Last weekend, the Villa program traveled to Rome, and in between 11:00 Friday morning and 6:00 Sunday evening, I saw perhaps everything there is to see in the city of Eternal Light. Although the trip allowed me to see so much, it was not exactly well planned. After such an exhausting weekend, there was little time to take a break and relax because Hell Week had arrived. Tuesday: Italian test; Wednesday: Italian composition and Art History midterm; and Thursday, Government midterm. Because of my inability to study during the weekend, this week consisted of lots of late nights and little sleep.

Considering the overwhelming number of things on my to-do list, my blogging this week has been reduced. Fortunately, this week is Spring Break, and with my free time in airports, I hope to write about my past and ongoing adventures. In the coming days, expect updates about the beauty, and challenges, of the Italian language, Catholicism and patronage of the arts, Rome in detail and in pictures, and updates about my travels during spring break.

During this much-needed ten-day vacation, I will be traversing the globe as I visit three different countries: Greece, France, and Spain. The first leg of my journey will be spent in Athens, followed by a few days on the island of Santorini. From there, it is off to Paris for the Mona Lisa, crepes, and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. Then the adventures conclude with a weekend in Barcelona, Spain. Within each country, I hope to document the various sites I visit and the food I eat. Expect posts about my “Daily Diet” detailing my indulgences in the Grecian, French, and Spanish cuisines. Although I am in heaven at every mealtime in Italy, I am excited about the opportunity to enjoy salted-bread, feta cheese, and white wine.

Although this break is well-deserved after such a grueling week, there is a slight part of me that is disappointed that it is already here. Spring break signals the halfway point of my semester abroad, and when I return from my travels, March will be here. There is so much that I have yet to explore in Florence, and my April 21st departure looms large in my mind. With trips to Carnivale in Venice, a Florentine chocolate factory, a winery and cheesery in Greve and Chianti, and a weekend in Cinque Terre, March and April should be as unforgettable as the past six weeks; I just hope these moments do not go by as quickly as the first half of the semester.



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