Word of the Week

This week in my Italian class, we began a new capitolo, chapter, titled Tanti sogni nel cassetto! This translates to many dreams in the drawer. As part of the chapter, I and the three other students in the class will be reviewing the future tense and learning new terminology to discuss our dreams, goals, and plans for the future. Included amongst the list of vocabulary words is this week’s word, or words:

Fare castelli in aria

Which translates to:

To build castles in the sky

I could have selected a number of other words from the chapter associated with dreams and the future, but this phrase particularly struck me. When I read it aloud, the words simply rolled off my tongue, sounding elegant and refined.  I love the imagery and poetry associated with the four words and the language in general.  As reflected in the title of my new chapter and this week’s words, the Italian is a language of poetics and vibrancy, and the more words and phrases I learn, the more I sound more like a local.

I also selected this week’s phrase because it reminded me of one of my favorite quotes: “Some people built castles in the air. She constructed hers from mashed potatoes, which kept down the demolition costs.” I like to think that this quote embodies my experience living abroad in Florence. Although I had the opportunity to live in a Florentine villa, which would be like living in Italian castle, I chose instead to stay with a local host family, my home of mashed potatoes. The house may not have the high ceilings, stacks of library books, or terraces like the Villa, but considering with its comfort and inspiration,  I have no regrets spending my four months watching Italian soap operas and learning how to cook from a Italian grandmother.


One thought on “Word of the Week

  1. I thought you were going to mention the Castle in the Clouds that we visited in New Hampshire.

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